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Cape Town Klawerjas
Cape Town Klawerjas
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The Covid pandemic resulted in many businesses closing their doors or putting their staff on short-time. This resulted in unemployment and/or great financial challenges to many of you out there. Some of you resorted to selling and/or applying your trade skills to make ends meet. Let’s support each other during these tough times. WPKA offer you an opportunity to advertise your product/s, trade skills etc. for FREE!!

If you have a trade skill like:
General Maintenance * Building Construction & Maintenance * Plumbing * Electrician * Gardening * Painting * Tiling * Car Mechanic/Maintenance * Catering * Computer Technician * Etc

Send us a Flyer with your details or Alternatively, complete the adjacent form with your details and we will add you to our database of "Skills Offered" and/or create a Flyer to add to our advertising page.

For all your personalised & customised printing

Convert your old Vinyl LP's to MP3's
"Create a compilation of your favourite songs"

R5 per MP3
Contact Leon: 082 496 2085

Advertising Application Form

ICE for all occasions
R10 / 2kg
Price negotiable depending on volume

Contact Leon or Joy : 082 496 2085
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