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POSTED: 04/03/2014
Maybe u should consider having a results page where all the week's results from the different unions can be seen.

That is the whole idea. Some unions only started their fixtures in this week. Will start posting as it comes in.  

POSTED: 20/01/2014

Well Done and Congratulations,this is really great. May we all have a blessed and successful 2014 and may Klawerjas in WP goes from strength to strength. Gerald Prins Silverstream KC

POSTED: 17/01/2014

good morning all what an extreme pleasure to see this long overdue website up and running. it has taken a while to surface but i know that it will grow and blossom into the future. i wish to thank everybody responsible in establishing this site and wish them well with this "new age" of thinking and communicating. i will look forward to news and snippets and will contribute where possible. i would like to know what is happening on the development side as i have not received any news of what has happened. my dream of a Schools League i trust will come to the fore this year and i am still teaching our school kids, Steenberg High, every day. hopefully new learners will be willing to come on board as we enter 2014. good luck WPKA, keep up the good work. Brenda Hendricks
Welcome Brenda, Yes we are focused on getting the schools league off the ground this year. We are working on a few logistics which we will present to the schools. We know you are doing great work that side of the world. MPKU is also pursuing their schools development program and have a few schools on board already. Will keep you posted.

POSTED: 15/01/2014

Hi, I am very impressed with your web-site and it will (or it should) go a long way to expand the game in your region besides creating more excitement around the game. I have read through the Rules & Regulations and would like to bring your attention to a rule that I feel might be changed or worded correctly if you will allow me: Rule Article 8.10 reads as follows " If a player has "ROEMTE" ace high, e.g. twenty, fifty, or 5 tens, he cannot size the other player" Should it not rather read as follows: If a player has "TRUMP ROEMTE" ace high, e.g. twenty,fifty or 5 tens, he cannot size the other player. The word "TRUMP" is missing?? Lastly, in this day and age of political correctness and with more and more ladies playing the game you might want to consider always using "he/she" when referring to an individual in the rules for example. (Ek weet die "rules" was opgetrek toe net manne die game gespeel het!!) I hope my input will be seen in the light it is intended. You guys are really showing us the way. Yours in Sport. Duane Baatjes Vice-Chairman Uitenhage Klawerjas Union.

Thank you for your comments Duane. Its this type of feedback that we need to either re-look at our rules or clarify its interpretation. In this case its just human error. The re-typing of the Rules, as per the website, was not verified hence the omission as spotted by yourself. The same goes for the political correctness of where the "he/she" or "s/he" has been omitted in some cases. We will verify, correct and re-post. Thank you once again for taking the time to respond.

POSTED: 15/01/2014

Congratulations on the Website. it looks great. Runi (SPKU)

POSTED: 15/01/2014

IN 2014 Protea KC has joined the MPKU and its also celebrating their 21st in 2014.Protea will be kicking off with a Valentine's Ball on the 14th of Feb in the Westridge Civic Centre. We would like everybody to support. For info plse contact the sec Gail on 0710006810 or the chairman Charlie on 0746514334.


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